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Mahima Avitech Private Limited, established in 2017, is an ISO-certified e-waste management company committed to environmental sustainability through advanced recycling and refurbishment services. Certified by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, we offer tailored solutions to individuals and businesses across India. Our brand, Reecollabb, enhances our reach, providing convenient collection and drop-off locations nationwide. At Mahima Avitech, we are dedicated to reducing environmental impact, preserving natural resources, and leading the way towards a sustainable future.

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How We Handle E-Waste: Our Services

Collection Services

Provide convenient pickup and drop-off solutions for disposing of electronic waste, ensuring efficient and responsible collection from both businesses and individuals.

Recycling Services

Utilize advanced processes to dismantle and recycle e-waste, extracting valuable materials for reuse while minimizing environmental harm.

Refurbishment Services

Repair and restore used electronics to extend their life cycle, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to discarding and replacing devices.

Data Destruction

Securely erases data from electronic devices to protect sensitive information using methods that meet legal and regulatory standards for data privacy.

EPR Services

Assist manufacturers and importers in fulfilling their legal obligations to manage the lifecycle of their electronic products, from production through disposal.

Custom E-Waste Solutions

Design tailored e-waste management strategies that align with specific corporate policies and sustainability goals, accommodating unique business needs.


Recovery Rate

Turning discarded electronics into valuable resources



We’re trusted by businesses and consumers alike for secure and effective e-waste management.


Job opportunities

created in local communities

ISO 14001


for environmentally responsible e-waste management practices

Why Do You Need E-waste Management Services?

Environmental Protection

E-waste management services help protect the environment by safely disposing of electronic waste to prevent pollution and harm to ecosystems.

Health Safety

Proper e-waste management prevents hazardous substances like lead and mercury from contaminating soil and water, safeguarding public health and well-being.

Corporate Responsibility

Embracing e-waste management showcases corporate responsibility, reflecting a commitment to sustainable practices and social accountability.

Regulatory Compliance

Utilizing e-waste management services ensures compliance with regulations, avoiding legal issues and penalties associated with improper electronic waste disposal.

Data Security

Professional e-waste management includes secure data destruction solutions to safeguard sensitive information, prevent data breaches, maintain confidentiality, and protect privacy.

Encourage Circular Economy

E-waste management services facilitate the transition to a circular economy by promoting the reuse, refurbishment, and recycling of electronic devices, extending their lifecycle, and reducing waste generation

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